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Document One

A Stunning Allegory Of Real Life Incidents

Allegory Of Mr Chris WDoc10.docx

By A Bender


Witch Doctors Be More Ready To Admit Their Errors Than Mistaken Religious People Trusting Their Own Supposed Good Works? 

Document Two

A Document  Sharing Outstanding

Dates With Outstanding Related Incidents!

By A Bender

Amazing dates 21.docx

By A Bender

God Moves In Mysterious Ways His Wonders To Perform!

Document Three 


   My Letter Sharing Many Crucial Things And Written To A Church Which Showed Me So Much Love It Brought Many Tears.  Yes Brought Many Tears To A Passionate Seeker Of Heaven's Truth And Who Carries Many Concerns.  A Seeker Who Therewith Somehow Has Largely Been An Outcast Of Our Religious World.

Note This Letter Is Given In Audio Video Form At PleaseWatchThem.com  Video 8

Apostolic Church Letter30.pdf

By A Bender

Our World Needs A Love And Truth Revolution!   Darkness And Oppressions Have Reigned Long Enough!

Document Four 

CHAPTER TWO Seeks To Unravel

One Of Our  World's Most Vital And Misunderstood  Subjects!

Vital Distinction and Relation Of Father, Son, And Holy Ghost.

And Baptism In The Name Of.

Name of Jesus baptism study10.pdf

May God help us understand and follow the tenor or His Word!


Document Five

More Issues About Baptism Into Jesus And The Name Of Jesus

And Baptism In the Name of The Father Son And Holy Ghost

This Document Carries Vital Things For All Christians To Consider

Although It Particularly Relates To The Church Mentioned.

Baptism And Name Issues 4.docx

Document five B


Document Six

A Most Meaningful Date, With A Shaking Sermon, At A Meaningful Place! 

And Further God Wants His People To Unitedly March 4th With 2020 Vision And Provided Vital Instructions Thereabout On March 4th 2020 .   And Don't Miss The Astonishing Rain Prophecy

Also Pointed Out In This Document!   God Cares About Both Unity And Vision!

11 22 2020 wow 2P 10.pdf

Dutch Sheets 

Document 7 

This  Document Is A Compilation Of Numerous Signs On This Property

Sharing Miracles That Occurred Here (Or Miracles Closely Linked To The Property).   

For A Tour Of Property With Erected Signs See Video 12 At www.PleaseWatchThem.com

ss All signs on one.pdf

Picnic Area

Camp Site

Document Eight

Does The Bible Really Teach The Earth Is Motionless And Flat Rather Than A Sphere?

Document Nine

Document Ten

Written With Concern That So Many Are Preaching And Trusting
In Christ,  But Not Carefully Or Fully Considering What He Taught.

Wrongly Glory In Christ 3.pdf


A Document Which Considers Why God Blesses Churches Even With Mistaken Doctrines.  It Also Carefully Considers Both The Oneness And Distinction Of Father And Son.  And Shares Great Difficulties I Have Gone Through In My Search For Truth, As Well As Miracles God Sent My Way. 

Click Here For A PDF Of The Document 

Please Herewith See Document 14  Below As It Shares A Stunning 

Incident Likely Miracle That Vividly Relates To This Document

Why God works among mistaken etc 12.pdf


The United Hearts Of Valentines 2023 

Although The Grace Of Being Able To Reverse Is Often Needed To Unite Hearts,  Too Many Individuals And Churches Have No Reverse!

Document 12 B

Many Divisions And Falsities Continue Because Of Individuals And Churches Having No ReverseThis page considers Christ's connection to Mary, and being the seed of David etc according to the flesh, and much more.

Document 13

The Lying Serpent Has Poisoned Our World With His Lies On Many Subjects And Certainly Issues Relating To Valentines (Beauty and Romance).  Our Little Dog Gives An Astonishing Example Of The Bitterness Of Being Poisoned At Valentines, Repeatedly Thought Dead And Yet Revived Valentines Day.  


Itching Or Open Ears?  The Number 11, And Perfect Oneness

As Well As Distinction Of Father And Son.


A Letter To Our Ohio Attorney General David Yost Regarding Copyrights Ect

Page Two Shares Amazing Things Our World Needs To  Hear.

Dear Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost 10.pdf

My Unique Experiences When A

Health Care Worker Came To Our House
March 7 2022.

God Can Work Things Out In Amazing Ways!

Caresourse Nurse Exper2.docx

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